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She Slept By The Water Hole

One of our water partners, Africa Oasis Project described a story worth telling.  The old woman made her way through the darkness to the water hole clutching a handful of food and a basin.  Her plan, as in many nights before, was to eat the food, sleep by the hand dug trench and be the first person to capture the little water that seeped through the dirt.

Similar scenes are repeated thousands of times across the continent of Africa.

It is a difficult scene for most of us because we have four and five sources of water through out our home.  We never have to leave our home to search for water, question its purity or protect the source.  These are facts and blessings that we take for granted.

Our partner describes a well dedication scene where the woman grabbed their hands and twirled in a dance of joy to say “akpe ka ka ka ka ka.”  she wasn’t just saying “akpe”, or just “thanks” but “thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks” for the well bringing clean, safe water to her village.  No more long, dangerous searching for water.